Last night I surfed. Here are some links I found.

Play At Home Mom has some GREAT activites to do with kids - especially if you aren't afraid to get a bit messy! I love the shaving cream garage. We will have to give ours a spray down before attempting this!

If you have some time to kill, Draw A Stickman is a great interactive game. I quite enjoyed it. . . Any kid capable of drawing would too!

Lastly on a more serious note, I connected in a number of ways to the post that Glennis made at Momastery.

"Sometimes, Love Doesn’t Win. Or that’s how it feels anyway."

This is the kind of post that could make a person cry. Just so you know.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope it is restful and productive and that the sun decides to shine!


  1. That post did make me cry. just so you know.

    It was inspiring though, and full of truth. Sometimes we do have to turn our heads sideways Jordan...

  2. That post made me cry too, Kelly. I agree about turing our heads sideways. It's just when I do I am still trying to see things the way I did before. I guess I'm not quite there yet.


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