Mother's Day

Hugh sat down with Calder today and asked him some questions about Big Mama.

What is Mommy’s favourite colour?
-          Green - purple
What is your favourite thing to play with Mommy?
-          colour
Where do you love to go with Mommy?
-          Basketball…Mommy’s baseball game? Yeah.
What is the favourite thing that Mommy cooks for you?
-          Noodles. The wheel ones.
What do you love about Mommy?
-          The city. What do you love about Mommy? Hugs.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Jordan...

    Did you play ball this weekend? Looks like BVI as a background.
    Would like a copy of your schedule. May have to watch a couple of your games if it works out.

  2. Awesome photo; Happy Mother;s Day! -Des


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