Stay at home mom for a day

Monday 7:17 pm

I took today off work.

My soul is thanking me for it.

Calder and I had a marvelous time today playing, chatting, and dancing. We visited with friends in the morning and more friends in the afternoon. We had a terrific day together. 

Often times I am on here sharing my funny stories about Calder, or how I am struggling to find my place in his world. Today, I am going to brag. Calder is an amazing kid and today I got to see so many of the reasons why he is such an amazing boy.

He shared, he played well, he used his manners (most of the time ;-), he was gentle with Drew, he ate his lunch like a champ, he listened, he cooperated, he giggled, he joked, he danced like a maniac, not to mention, HE ONLY GOT ONE TIME-OUT! 

Today did wonders for my soul. I got a few things done at home that had been eating away at me. They probably took all of 45 minutes, but they had been on my to-do list for months. I visited a friend, Heidi, this morning. We hadn't had a coffee date, just the two of us, since before Christmas. Heidi is such a wonderful, kind, thoughtful woman. Reconnecting with her felt truly great. This afternoon, Calder and I went over to Kerri's. Once again, it had been a long time since Kerri and I talked about things that are more than just our trivial day-to-day tasks. Today we talked about important things. We talked about stuff that takes more than 5 minutes to talk about.  

When I got home this afternoon I felt truly happy. I felt like doing laundry (and I never feel like doing laundry). As I blissfully, wandered around the house tidying I glanced over to Tripp's photo and candle. Thinking of him made me smile a little more. And for the first time, I lit his candle because I was happy.

Tonight I have plans to do a bit more organizing around the house, and then I have a phone date with Danielle. I know my soul will continue to thank me.


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