Truth and Lies

Of these four statements, three are true and one is a lie. Can you guess which is the lie?

  1. When I was living in P.A. a bartender did one of those "blowing fire" tricks and started my hair on fire.
  2. While waiting in line at Warmart last year a snobby looking chick tried to edge me out of line. After politely saying, "excuse me, I was here first" and getting no response, I rammed my cart into hers and forged ahead.
  3. At the Warman Rodeo a few years ago a drunk cowboy bumped into me and didn't apologize. I threw my entire beer down his back.
  4. While teaching in Brooks I participated in a teacher relay and while rounding the bend got ahead of myself and wiped out in front of every track athlete in the division.


  1. they all seem so outrageous ... all of the above????

  2. I was going to say 3 also, though would be hilarious if it were true!

  3. Bahaha...the funny part is 3 are are one fiesty it...I personally must go with 4

  4. Love this post idea! I'm going with 2 as the lie. You would've thrown something at her.

  5. #4 is the lie. I am pretty sure the rest all happened!


  6. Bahahahahahaha I was there for #1!!!

  7. Unfortunately, I did throw a full beer on a drunk cowboy. I also unfortunately wiped out while running a race. As Courtney mentioned my hair did start on fire (and she was there).

    I did not ram my cart into anyone at Walmart (but I really, really wanted to :-)

    Thanks for playing everyone!


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