Drummer Boy

Calder would not stop tapping his fork at supper last night. He tapped it on his chair, on his glass, on the table and on his head. Trying to inspire our drummer boy to stop, we told him we would find him some drums to play after supper.

His drum set started out as our largest pot. Hugh didn't think that was enough, so he added two more.

Calder banged. Hugh and I danced.

And then as soon as Hugh and I stopped dancing, Calder would stop playing and demand we start dancing. We obliged.

Eventually, Calder needed "all the drums" and emptied out our entire pots and pans drawer.

It was loud and fun and I wanted to get lost in the moment. I wanted to capture his smile and etch it on my memory. I wanted to immerse myself in all of Calder's pride and joy as Hugh and I danced away to his made-up tune.


  1. Lol, I want to see the picture of you and Hugh dancing!



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