Three Times

Is it July?

My patience is wearing thin.

Here is the ramble I gave to my grade 11's today:

CAN YOU PLEASE get your notes out? . . . There is no reason that I should have to tell a group of grade 11's to open their books - THREE times. And some of you don't even have your books out yet! Everyday, at the start of class, for the ENTIRE semester, I have been asking you to find your notes. And yet here we are. . . THREE TIMES. I feel like I am talking to my 3-year-old son when we start class. I constantly have to ask Calder things multiple times in order for him to do them. Like, "put your toys away" or "come to the table." The difference here is that HE IS THREE. YOU ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. . . (Those of you STILL locating your notes need seriously examine what you are trying to get out of this course. . . And High School for that matter.)

I didn't say that stuff in brackets out loud, but I screamed it at them in my mind! LOL

Send me some patience vibes to day (if you have any to spare!).


  1. Sending you some, though the rain and indoor recess requires me to keep a bit on retainer... :s

    Good luck.. I'm positive that I remember "checking out" after May Long in high school too. Hopefully you can hit your descent into summer soon too! :s :)

  2. I have NONE to share unfortunately. all I can say is just's almost June;)

  3. huh- glad to know that I'm not the only one who compares high school students`attention spans to that of my 4 year old.

  4. Here are some patience vibes. But know that it is not less frustrating dealing with executives...they too sometimes need to be asked things three or four times.

    Thought you would enjoy this also!

    Have a great day!


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