Me Time

Tuesday, 7:03 pm

Calder has been in bed, asleep for 13 minutes. He was exhausted tonight. Tell-tale signs were that he was crying more than usual and rubbing his eyes at supper time. There are times when I absolutely LOVE his 7 pm bedtime. In fact, most nights I LOVE it. But not tonight.

Tonight the sun is still shining. Families are walking and biking by our house. Our neighbors are out in their yards with their kids.

And I am sitting inside, staring out at them! A bit creepy, but I doubt anyone will ever admit that it is. Because that would mean they would have to admit they were a bit creepy themselves for staring in our front window :-)

I guess it's not all bad. I am exhausted. There are plenty of things on my list, but the house is quiet tonight and I am going to enjoy it. When Hugh is home he likes to have background noise. Usually it's the radio, but sometimes it is a hockey game or America's Funniest Home Videos (although, usually AFV moves from background noise to all consuming . . . Hugh can't seem to get enough of it! He often rewinds the t.v. to show me the ones he thinks are particularly funny). Hugh isn't home tonight, so the house is still.

I can hear the hum of the fridge, our neighbor's dog barking, a creaky swing next door and the odd cough from Calder.

I plan to surf the internet for a bit and then read a book.

Enjoy your Wednesday. I hope you get at least a half an hour of "me" time today.


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