Moving on.

The lake was a bit on the cool side, but it was a great time. My whole family was there. We visited. We relaxed. We read. We did a puzzle. And Calder entertained us the entire time.

I wish I could show you the pictures, but truth be told you are lucky to even be getting a post this morning. Because I want to Chuck. My computer. Out. The. Window.


I have been having problems with our iMac. It keeps freezing up. It is under warranty, so the Apple techies have been helping me over the phone, but tonight when iPhoto won't open Apple is still enjoying the May long.

Probably if I turned the computer off and then on again, the problem would be solved, but I want to start calling them every time I have to do it. This computer is a dud. I want a new one.

We have had our MacBook for 5 years and it has NEVER given us a moment of grief. I wish I could say the same for the iMac.

Moving on.

My heart feels heavy today. I am thinking of the losses two friends have experienced and it makes me sad.

When I feel sad for other people, I feel sad for myself. In my life, any thing I experience that is sad, leads itself back to Tripp.

Moving on.

I STILL haven't gotten my garden in. It will have to be priority this week. Oh, and those seeds I planted HERE never came up. Man, I am beginning to think I am doing something majorly wrong. In fact Calder's grass that he not-so-delicately planted is growing like crazy. He keeps saying, "you should have planted grass, Mommy!" I think he may be right!

Moving on.

Did I ever tell you about what came of my voice problems. I am too lazy to look for the original post, but I had been having trouble with my voice being really raspy and tired. I got a sound field system in my class room (essentially a microphone and speaker) for my classroom which seemed to help, but didn't come close to curing it.  When I went to the ear-throat-nose doctor he told me I had acid reflux and tension in my vocal cords.

Acid reflux. Yeah right. I figured the doctor must be losing it because I don't have heartburn. Well, apparently there are two kids of reflux. One with heartburn and the other that has symptoms like. . . a raspy voice. Sign. I am supposed to cut out all foods that taste good. Oranges, grapefruit, garlic, onions, tomatoes, coffee, booze, and anything with fat in it, to name few. I also am not supposed to eat before going to bed (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) and Hugh had to raise the head of our bed 6 inches with a cinder block. Hugh now jokes that he now sleeps sitting up!

I am also going to group therapy. I meet with a group of people who like me are having troubles with our voice and are lead through activities with a speech therapist. Hugh calls them my A.A. meetings. I like them and have learned a lot.

Moving on.

The school year is coming to a close. Crazy to think, but I am already planning my last units for the year. I actually need to put making final exams on my list next week.

Speaking of which, I have marking to do.

Have a good short week!


  1. Make sure you back up your computer on an external drive! Our Imac did what yours is until one day it wouldn't start again! There is a place in Saskatoon that fixes them under warranty - it's at Market Mall, forget the name.

    What do you still have to make a final for? If it is foundations I can send you what we used and it would be a starting point if you wanted!

  2. Thanks, Carey! I have an external hard drive that is backing ours up. I sleep much easier with it there!

    I will email you about final exam stuff!


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