Curious Calder

I love being outside in our yard. After playing ball on Sunday, I couldn't think of a better way to spend the rest of Mother's day! We accomplished a lot - nothing exciting enough to post pictures of though! I just love the planning and anticipation.  Which perennials are going to come up? What flowers should I put in the front flower bed? What can I add to my garden? Where will I put the peas? LOVE IT!
The boys cutting the grass
Today's post is short, because roomy #1 is BACK!
Without flash
I like the natural light, but the photo is grainy.
With flash
Crisper image, but I don't like the lighting as much. I have a lot to learn!
My brother, Luke, is spending tonight and Thursday night with us on his way and from some meetings for work in Edmonton. We have Luke's girlfriend, Brittany, to thank for this visit. She is out of town for the week, so Luke's go-to crash pad is unavailable!

Calder was so excited that Luke was going to be here this morning that he wouldn't stop talking about him.

 "Uncle Luke should stay up here in your bed."

"Oh, and Daddy and I should sleep downstairs?"

"No. All three of you can sleep up here."

"Where would we all go?"

"In your bed."

"I don't think Uncle Luke will want to sleep up here."


"Because it would be too smooshy for three of us in one bed."


"Because 3 people is too many for one bed."


"Because it would be crowded with that many people."


"Because Uncle Luke is huge."


"Because that's how God made him."


"It's time to brush your teeth."


  1. Love the conversation :)
    Love Auntie Pat


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