On Wednesday President Barack Obama tweeted, "Same-sex couples should be able to get married."


And yet there are some things about all the attention this is getting that is seriously sad for me. The first is that as wonderful as that statement is, it's just that - a statement. Obama doesn't make any election promises. He just says takes a side. I wished he would have made a commitment to making that dream a reality.

The second is the fact that the American economy is in the tank and people are saying that this statement could may make or break the election for him. This fall we sat down with friends of ours from the states. Hugh's buddy is a firefighter. His union has negotiated wage cuts the last 2 times they have been to the bargaining table. And things are so bad where he lives that he is glad to take the cut. Could you imagine seeing your friends, neighbors and people in your community in such dire straights that you would be willing to take a pay cut? I certainly can't - but that is just how bad things are in the states. It is my hope that Americans will vote for the party that can move them out of the economic crisis they are in. For me, taking care of the people who are unable to meet their own basic needs (paying for food and shelter) should be first priority when picking the next leader.

And lastly, if the truth be told, I feel like the publicity that Obama's statement got is the saddest part. In my mind there is NO debate about gay marriage. Regardless of who you love, you should have the right to marry them. The fact that this should be a non-issue, makes me the most sad.

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On the cover of people magazine this week is THIS photo. It is of a woman breast feeding her 4 year-old son. 

There are people who are appalled by it. 
There are people who are celebrating it.

I would have loved to have nursed my sons. It just never worked out that I was able to. I can say with confidence that if I was able to breast feed a child I wouldn't be in a hurry to stop. I have read about all of the benefits, so I can see myself wanting to continue past the 12 month point. Obviously, breastfeeding takes two, so it is not only my decision! And I don't know what it is like to breast feed for a year, so I am open to feeling different. Whatever decision gets made, I know it will be the best one for my baby and myself.

If people want to be appalled by something, they should look in their own communities. There are kids in Saskatoon who enter kindergarten barely able to talk. They are not learning disabled. Their parents have neglected them so badly that they haven't acquired language like the rest of their peers.

There are so many things in this world to be appalled about. I just don't think that a woman making a decision she believes (along with plenty of research) is a healthy one for herself and her child is one to be appalled about.
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I encourage you to head over to Momastary and read about the Van-tastic Mother's day event she has put together. 

Check in on Sunday for a much less controversial Mother's Day post!


  1. I saw that cover of Time magazine. I am not a mom, and I think that moms can do what they want, and breast feed all they want. I just question the photo that was chosen. It just looks inappropriate to me.

    I don't care if she is breast feeding her three year old, but the photo looks I dunno, just wrong. I think that they chose it for the inevitable controversy. They could have made a much classier looking photo, that would have done more for promoting attachment parenting.

  2. As for Gay marriage, no brainer to me. My best friend is gay, and I hope someday he finds a partner he wants to spend the rest of his life with and I will be there to celebrate with him.
    As for the American economy, I don't think there is any hope no matter who is in office right now. Our government has led us to believe we are OK, but the truth is that our economy is two threads from falling into the same hole:(

    As for the Time cover. Jordan, you have said it in a way better then anyone so far. There are so many kids, even here in Golden, that are so neglected they will never have a chance in life to excel and that is alarming. This mother clearly loves her child and all the research supports what she is doing. The things people have said about this are absolutely disgusting in themselves.
    The only thing I don't like is the title "Are you mom enough?". I think that is offensive to moms who don't AP or BF beyond one year (or at all). I would have breastfed Jax until he was into his toddler years but at 12 months my milk has dried up...that doesn't make me any less mom. You are an amazing mom, despite the fact breastfeeding didn't work out for you I would say you are MORE THAN MOM ENOUGH!:)

  3. I agree with you Angie that the photo was chosen to stir the pot. I wonder if she EVER actually breast feeds her son like that! I kind of have my doubts (but I haven't read the full article yet, so they may discuss it more there!).

    Kelly, I am becoming more and more certain that you are right about the American economy. I just choose not to think about it completely tumbling down, because the chaos that would result is VERY scary to me. I hold on to the hope (and it may be a long shot hope) that things will turn around. It makes it easier to sleep at night. As well, good point about the title. I was so caught up in the cover, I hadn't actually read it!


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