WinterFest 2012

We hit up WinterFest on Saturday. It is such a great event put on by our community.
They have flooded the creek that runs by the rec centre. It is AWESOME. We didn't take our skates, but Hugh and I are going to take Calder there next weekend (weather permitting). Calder took one step on the ice and laid himself out. It was hilarious. We did tell him to wait to hold a hand, but Mr. Independent was having NONE of that.
Calder was crawling on the ice after his spill
You can still see a tear :-( 

There were also sleigh rides!

This is my fake smile. We had to wait a significant amount of time to get this sleigh ride. Although I am not a patient person by nature, I know there are times in life when you have to wait. Unfortunately, there was a group of about 4 adults and their 6 children that for some bizarre reason completely lost their heads and had forgotten that waiting is a part of life.

This group of 10 had just had their turn and the line moved forward to load. We were still shy of getting on, but now were 2nd from the front. As we waited for the sleigh to make it's run, those 10 people just stood at the front of the line. They DID NOT leave. And not only did they not leave, they just hopped right back on the sleigh when it came around. The mom in front of us and her 2 kids were the only people to get on the sleigh from the line. I was miffed and a bit ticked off to say the least. By the time our turn rolled around I wanted to elbow smash a couple of those parents getting off. Thus, the fake smile.

Calder waving to Dad
After our sleigh ride we went inside to check out the festivities. It was here that I met one of our neighbours that I had been anxious to meet. She orchestrated THIS. Her hug came at a moment that I was missing Tripp. I had just been glancing around the room which was filled with young families and their children wondering if anyone else was feeling the way I was. I was thinking that there were probably other families in the room who had experienced loss or who were having trouble conceiving who might just be a little sad too. As I felt my eyes filling with tears, my neighbour stepped towards me.

Sometimes things work out like that.


  1. A hug that I could not let go of. Until you were ready... one that I will never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

  2. Thank you. . . I saw your candle lit this morning.


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