One minute is better than no minutes

It has been a week of my future self vs my present self and I am definitely better for it. I have made lots of good choices for my future self like working through lunch to get "stuff" off my list and not having that extra helping of perigees.

I will say my future self didn't fair too well on the weekend. In fact, it lost just about every time. I ate junk food at the rink, hotdogs for supper, and I didn't do any work. I am not that upset about it though. It was the weekend. My hope is that my future self can start winning the occasional weekend battle.

One of the things I did this week was start a one minute work-out in the morning. The last few weeks I have really started to notice my lack of strength, so on Thursday morning my future self decided to get my present self's butt into gear. I did 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups.

You guys - I cannot do 1 unassisted sit-up. It is BAD. I am happy to report (for my future self) that my present self is now doing 15 sit-ups (assisted- feet hooked under dresser so I can get some serious leverage) and 20 push-ups. I also added 5 burpees into the mix the last couple of days after some motivation from Courtney!

The last 2 nights I have added a 5 minute run in the evening to my exercise regime (is it a regime if it only lasts 6 - 7 minutes?). Before Christmas I was primed to start running in the evening. . . I even wore my pedometer for a couple of days to motivate myself and then I didn't run once. My future self was definitely helpful last night. I was exhausted and had parent calls to make along with keying an exam, but I knew I would be happier today if I ran!

I am going to continue to do my future self vs present self internal dialogue this week. I used to be REALLY into the one minute rule (not delaying any tasks around the house that could be done in one minute or less), but now that I have used the rule hundreds of times it just comes natural to pick things up as I go, or fold the laundry now, rather than later. I am hoping that all this self talk turns automatic for me too. I will be writing things down this week and will let you know how my mini-workouts are going.


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