The Top Things 7 I Want to Accomplish This Week (in no particular order)

  1. Run 3 times. They don't have to be long runs, but I brought my runners home from school and I want to use them.
  2. Finish my marking and email parents from all 4 of my classes. This could take at least an afternoon, but it NEEDS to get done if I want to survive the first week back after the break.
  3. Start doing some photo and video editing on our computer. Along the same lines I also want to head to the future shop to purchase a larger external back-up (if anyone knows about Apple's Time Machine, I would love your opinion).
  4. Create Calder's yearly birthday book (I will preview it around his birthday - March 9, so you will have to wait in suspense until then to check it out).
  5. Update the photos in Calder's family photo album (I will post picks of this project once it's updated). I will have to order pictures from to do accomplish this.
  6. Do a family activity everyday. I am thinking skating, sledding, the zoo (again), the Western Development Museum, etc. (If you have any good ones, I would love to hear them).
  7. Shop for groceries and make some purchases on that long nagging list of "things" I never seem to get around to purchasing (like scrap booking paper and file folders).
  8. Probably the most important thing I want to do this week (even though I said "no particular order") is get Tripp's ashes from the funeral home. It's time.
What is on your to-do list this week?


  1. Tops on my list: book play date with Calder. Can we come visit tomorrow?????

  2. Something happening at Beaver Creek over the next couple of days , I think. Check Meewasin website.

  3. Thinking of you this week....
    In regards to apple time machine - LOVE IT! I have purchased two external hard drives that are the same (I got mine at Staples) - I'm not home so I forget the name, but I think it might have been verbatim. It really doesn't matter. Get one compatible with a mac and when you plug it in it doesn't take much to turn on time machine. I've had my computer crash once and the guy fixing it was very thankful I had a backup as he couldn't retrieve my files. When I plugged in the external hard drive it reloaded everything onto my new internal hard drive. The reason I bought two is I started to panic that if we ever had a fire (I know stupid) I would lose everything. So now I switch them on a monthly basis and keep the extra one at school in a filing cabinet.

  4. 1. Finish my licensing stuff for the Montessori (this one is driving me nuts...I hate paperwork)
    2. Watch the DVD on myofacial release the massage therapist lent me.
    2. Finish reading "The Four Agreements". Should get this one done tonight.
    3. Read through my Language Arts Manual.
    4. Go to bed early every night and get up at 6 to do yoga.
    5. Survive...yep, this one is big. Jaxen is breaking his top two teeth through and Emme and Jaiden have their musical this week (so three rehearsals and two performances equals 5 nights this week). Kevin just went back to work this AM, so I am on my own for the next two weeks. I still feel exhausted so need to go back to doctor too. This week is mostly about

  5. There is a model train exhibit at Lawson Mall - Will loved it!!!


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