The end of our year of firsts

Our year of firsts is over. It makes me a bit sad, because it means that we are moving further away from the time we spent with Tripp. At the same time it makes me happy. We are surviving. We made it through 1 year without Tripp. A milestone. Together with the support of family and friends we moved away from our most difficult days. Thanks to all of you who have followed us along our journey, prayed, and passed on words, thoughts, and love through this forum.

We have had a busy week. Hugh, Calder and I have done family outings, we have drank coffee until lunch (Calder drank milk ;-), we have visited with family and friends, and we have completed some of our projects. It has been a busy week. I haven't gotten as much checked off my list as I would have liked, but that's how it goes. This week Tripp came first and our relationships came second. My list can wait. I am happy with how I spent my time this week.

I am having some technical difficulties with my camera right now, but I got a few really nice gifts this week and I will do my best to get things organized and share them on the weekend.

Take care.


  1. Jordan,

    I thought about you this week just like I do everyday.

    I know your hanging in there because your strong.

    Love, Brook


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