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In January the ads on my blog made $27.46. At the start of January I was excited because the ads in December were set to make over $5. As Hugh just said, "at this new pace you could write a cheque to the Children's Hospital for over $300 at the end of the year." UNBELIEVABLE.
• • •

Calder skiing in Fernie
If you are looking for winter wear, Sport Chek has all of their winter coats, ski pants and accessories (toques, mitts, etc.) on for 50% off. The Center location had some great Helly Hanson toddler coats. If we hadn't of forgotten Calder's winter coat when we went snow boarding at Christmas and had to buy a new one in Fernie, I would have totally picked of those up for him (CAN YOU BELIEVE WE DID THAT? We forgot his WINTER COAT. . . when we left town. . . in December. . . It is actually funny now, but at Christmas time I felt like a complete idiot. Well, I still feel like a complete idiot, but at least I am laughing while feeling like an idiot now.). Sport Chek online ships all purchases over $99 free, so if you have some things to get and aren't close to a Sport Chek, this could be a good option.
These are the only 2 photos I have of Calder skiing. This is a good reminder to me to get the rest from my brother's girlfriend, Brittney! Regardless, that coat is going to look GREAT on Calder next year!
• • •
The winners from my Competitive PartyLite Candle Party draws are Kim from the group that commented on my blog and Sarah from the group of people who attended the party! I have your votives here and will get them to you! Thanks for all the comments and all of you who made purchases at the party.
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Hugh and I watched the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling. He is HOT, the movie is TERRIBLE. It got 9.3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, but I absolutely hated it. It was gruesome and I couldn't even make myself like Gosling's character, because he only said 15 awkward words the entire 2 hours. If you are just looking to stare dreamily at Ryan Gosling, re-watch The Notebook instead.
• • •
It is less than one week until Tripp's birthday. For the last month I have been wondering and trying to predict how I would feel on the anniversary and even though I am now less than a week away, I have no clue how I am going to feel. I do know that Friday is going to be hard. Tripp was born on Friday, February 18 and although this journey started on the 18th, for me it started on the Friday. I am finding the last few days my tears are closer to the surface. I am used to crying, but I haven't cried this often for months.

Thursday in a tear soaked moment in front of Hugh and Calder this conversation took place:

Calder: Are you sad, Mommy?

Me: Yes, Calder I am.

Calder: Why Mommy?

Me: Because I miss Tripp. Do you remember where Tripp is?

Calder: No I don't.

Hugh: Tripp is in Heaven.

Calder: Heaven is far away.

Me: Yes, and a long time away too.


  1. THank you for the movie recommendation... will take it to heart!

    And will be thinking of you a lot this week. I wish I had better words than that... be gentle to yourself. Know that I have tears for you too. <3

  2. Been thinking about you guys a lot this week. Stay strong, it is only a day, a time, or a week. It does not define your love or Tripp's life. I thought the one year anniversary of my Mom's passing would be very emotional but it turned out to be very ordinary. Then a week later, out of nowhere, I had an extremely tough day. In any case, you guys will be in my thoughts.

  3. Thanks, Dani. I think about you lots too. Enjoy your relaxing in the sunshine!

    Kelly, the closer I get the more I hope that it will just be an ordinary day. Thanks for sharing how your 1 year marker was with your mom. I like hearing other people's stories.


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