One Year Ago

7:50 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One year ago I was in a small little room just off of NICU with Hugh and Tripp. At this exact moment a year ago Hugh and I were gazing at Tripp and couldn't believe he was dying. His skin was flush. He was breathing with ease. He was perfect.

All day I have been playing that game. What was I doing one year ago? It wasn't until today that I realized that February 22nd was the hard day. Tripp died very early in the morning on the 23rd. All of the  crushing news, hard decisions, and utter heartbreak happened on the 22nd.

Today had it's moments.

We went to visit Tripp's tree tonight. I wanted to put a new LED candle there, but it wasn't necessary. The candle we had left on his birthday was still flickering. We stood there and gazed at his name. Hugh lifted Calder in his arms. Our family is 3 plus 1. Three here plus one in heaven.


  1. Again, sending you much love and peace. So many thoughts with you this week. Wish my words could hold more healing power, or be strong enough to hold you up for a few moments. <3

  2. My thoughts have wondered to you so much over the past week. Sending you love and prayers throughout this journey.
    Therese xx


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