This OR That

Occasionally, Hugh and I play the This or That game in the car.

Popcorn OR Peanuts?
Fork OR Spoon?
Hamburger OR Hotdog?
Blue ORGreen?
Car OR Truck?
Sardines OR Anchovies
Edmonton OR Calgary?
Summer OR Winter?
Rangers OR Islanders?
Dogs OR Cats?
Mustard OR Ketchup?

The key to the game is that you HAVE to pick one. You can't hem and haw and then try and make a case to just sit on the fence. It doesn't matter if you hate both choices or love them both, you have to choose ONE.

There are always surprises when we play and often there are minutes of conversation that follow each This OR That justifying why we picked the thing we did.

Hugh and I always take turns coming up with the This OR That. Sometimes our discussions will go on so long and get so off course that we forget who's turn it is!

I usually have to twist Hugh's arm to get him to play with me, but when I tell him it is either This OR That or Hum That Tune, he quickly comes up with the first pair of items!

In case you were wondering, I would pick Popcorn, Fork, Hotdog, Blue, Truck (my brother's), Sardines (gag), Calgary, Summer, Islanders (I like the orange on their jerseys), Dogs, and Mustard.


  1. Another Jordan and Hugh great game: auger auger.
    good times.

  2. Hahahaha! We played a bit of aug aug at Christmas. Calder was more into cow cow!


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