Before and After - Laundry Closet Project

Hugh has been wanting to put countertop in our laundry closet since the day we moved in 5 years ago. That project finally made it to the top of his to-do list last week. 

Hugh had everything pulled out of the closet before I could even take the "before" photo (I was watching some intense curling and didn't even notice the racket he was making. It is amazing how I have learned how to tune noise out since I had Calder!). Here is the closest I got:
You will have to imagine the washer and dryer there with a huge mound of mess on top.
Oh no, wait. . . Here is what it pretty much looked like minus the countertop!
The white hamper on the left is now home to all of my cleaning tubs and ice cream pails and the white hamper on the right is filled with repeats of cleaning products (apparently we had some serious over-kill happening) - $9 (Walmart). The baskets on the shelf are filled with guest linen and towels - $55 (1/2 price Michaels). The large basket on counter top is storage for rags and the smaller one is storage for buttons, change, misc. They both have lids which I like  - $35 (1/2 price at Michaels). The white shelf on left hand side is now home to all my cleaning products. We consolidated with the stuff under the sink which is where most of the cleaning product over-kill came from -  $22 (Rona). The countertop - $130 (Home Depot) and drill bit to cut holes in countertop $50 (Martensville Hardware Store).

For a grand total of $301.


  1. Thanks, Kelly! I kept the closet doors open all weekend. I just loved walking by and admiring it! LOL

  2. Jordan! (and hugh) I am so proud of you! The laundry room looks awesome! Just like out of a magazine:)


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