Calder - Now vs One Year Ago

One year ago Calder was seriously into cars. Today he is even more into them. He has at least 150 and dumps them out of the bin, lines them up, zooms them, drives them on his parking garage and car mat, and, as all boys will do, he crashes them.

One year ago he was really into puzzles. With Calder's car obsession these days it is actually a struggle to get him to play anything but cars. Thus, he is NOT into puzzles!

One year ago he was into noodles, ham, sausage, asparagus, caesar salad and yogurt. These foods are still on his favorites list, but I would also add cereal, cucumbers, and peppers. Calder also loves pupcakes - I mean cupcakes!

One year ago Calder was stringing 3 and 4 word together. This year he rambles on. One of my favorite things right now is his response to a question like, Are you going to bring your blanket to the couch? OR Do you like hockey? He will say, "Yes. I am." or "Yes. I do." It sounds WAY to formal! Calder also likes to talk funny to get a laugh. He will say, "A - B - C - Doe - De - Do - Da!" He knows the alphabet song, but nobody laughs when he sings it the right way! Calder has also started to joke around with us. Tonight he saw the letter 'B' and said "Uncle Billy starts with 'B'".  Hugh then asked him, "Who else starts with B?" Calder quipped, "Auntie Luke!" (It is actually Auntie Brittany, my brother Luke's girlfriend. . . Calder roared with laughter after he came up with that one!)

One year ago Calder's favorite color was green. Now when we ask him he says, "Green and blue" or "Green and blue and red and orange." So, it's still green, but it seems like Calder is more open to liking other colors!

Calder's favorite things to wear are his pajamas. Some days it is a fight to get him dressed in the morning! The first thing Calder does when he gets home is run to his room to get his PJ's on. If we didn't have the rule, "we wear jeans when we leave the house," or the more recently added, "we get dressed before we go to daycare" rule, he would be completely content wearing pajamas 24 hours a day.

This year Calder is a WHIZ on the iPad. It is great for Hugh and I when we need to get a task done or when we are trying to chat with other adults. The iPad will hold his attention for a significant amount of time. His most recently acquired iPad skill is finding monster truck videos on YouTube. He can press the search bar (which I have typed Monster Trucks in to) and pick video after video. When he gets to a page where there aren't any videos that interest him he goes back to the search bar and searches again. Hugh was getting impatient with a video Calder was trying to watch the other day and started tapping the iPad. Calder was not impressed, "No Daddy! It's loading!"


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