Happy Friday

I am actually writing RIGHT NOW! Usually I write in the evening and delay the publishing of the post until the morning. Yesterday was just too busy, so here I am!

I don't have time to write anything exciting, but if you have time to do some reading this morning check out my friend Daniele's blog. I lived with Daniele for a while when I lived in P.A. She is a delightful woman and a fabulous mother. Make sure you scroll down to look at her snow day photos. They are beautiful.

If you are a parent in and around Saskatoon you will want to check out THIS blog. It is a great place to find information about activities going on in the city. I was introduced to this wonderful blog when the author lost her daughter, Ava. Click on her blog tab if you want to read a bit about her family.

If you want to be inspired by generosity check out THIS post. I absolutely LOVE this blog and frequently find myself in awe of this woman and her ability to see things with such clarity and her ability to write with such conviction.

Enjoy your Friday!

p.s. Hugh's Birthday tomorrow.  My future self is pumped to celebrate with the love of my life and eat cupcakes!


  1. Thanks for posting Jordan!! I would like you to know you have inspired me to do the present self/future self thing...and let me tell you my present self hates when I take the 6 flights of stairs to my office each morning... but my furture self never regrets it! Thanks for this idea!

    Enjoy your cupcakes!!


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