Re-Cap of the Week

My list from last week. . . . I have highlighted the items I completed

  1. Run 3 times.
  2. Finish my marking and email parents from all 4 of my classes.
  3. Start doing some photo and video editing on our computer. Along the same lines I also want to head to the future shop to purchase a larger external back-up. 
  4. Create Calder's yearly birthday book (Started)
  5. Update the photos in Calder's family photo album 
  6. Do a family activity everyday.
  7. Shop for groceries and make some purchases on that long nagging list of "things" I never seem to get around to purchasing.
  8. Probably the most important thing I want to do this week (even though I said "no particular order") is get Tripp's ashes from the funeral home. It's time.
I did pretty good on the break completing items on my list. I will share Calder's family photo album with you later this week. 

I didn't do nearly as well at eating healthy last week. My present self won ALOT of battles. After eating a HUGE bag of bacon chips last night (divine), I am back on the "no eating after supper bandwagon." I find that if I can do this, I feel a heck of a lot better about myself.

Here are some of the thoughtful gifts that were sent our way last week.

MANY more people sent emails, texts, and cards and I also know that there were dozens and dozens of candles lit this week for Tripp. Thank-you so much for keeping us in your thoughts.

Love Hugh, Jordan and Calder


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