These are pictures from wedding #3 - Andrea and Carson Penner. Luke was a groomsman, so he missed out on the photo op at the house. I am pretty happy with the pictures for only about 5 minutes of snapping!

The photos above are unedited. The photo below is edited. It is interesting how a bit of editing really can brighten them up and sharpen the color. I can really notice it in the color of the leaves and our skin tone.


  1. WOW to the dress look great...I love Calder's tie...and Hugh, well, you look good too, but what's with the 5 o'clock shadow! Ha ha ha

  2. What beautiful family pictures! Everyone looks amazing!
    Auntie Pat

  3. Nice wheels Jordan, those definitely are the legs of a runner...


  4. Beautiful family! I love your dress :)

  5. Hot dress! and you looked ripped!

    Lisa W.

  6. hot dress and shoes!! wowsers! you sure look great jordan - boys not too shabby either!


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