Over the Hump (Wednesday and Grief)

Today is better. The feelings from yesterday surfaced just before supper, but I had the strength to manage them better. I am glad this month's 23rd is over. I think it might have been harder than last month. In fact, I am pretty sure it was. Six months felt like a bit of a milestone.

School start-up is CRAZY busy. There is no other way to put it. You try to do a half dozen things at once and somehow don't seem to get anything accomplished. I have spent a lot of time this summer working. I don't do "winging it." It doesn't mesh well with my personality. This semester I am prepping 3 classes all of which I haven't taught (it is all new curriculum). It is exciting to try something new, but I wish it wasn't this much all at once. I can get a bit overwhelmed at times. I'm in my 10th year of teaching, but this year's work load is going to make it feel like I'm in my 1st.

I like having our full house. So does Hugh. Luke, we love you in OUR basement suite. I think I am going to head downstairs and visit with Luke, Nate, and Brittany. Hugh is still working, but I am done for the day. Goodnight.


  1. Hey! Do you love me in the Big Boy room?

    Aunty Jes


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