My Happiness Project Week 11

I skipped week 10 (in case you were counting).

I just flipped through the pages of My Happiness Project Book and I am realizing that I don't want to focus on any new items this week. I have a TON of stuff STILL on my "Get off my back list", I haven't sent the few cards/gifts I need to send off of that list, and I don't have one thing written down on my "Little Things Matter" list (this is where I plan to try and make an effort in several different areas to connect with people). There is too much left to do to move on to something new.

I guess I did do the Kindness Project last week which I am going to add to the "Little Things Matter" list, but other than that, I really need to focus on getting back on the bandwagon. So, in order to do this I am going to limit my cruising the internet time to a quick email check first thing in the morning and 20 minutes during Calder's nap and 20 minutes after Calder goes down for the night. This should be plenty of time to read the blogs I follow and respond to the few email I get. I will still be spending time writing on the computer, as well as doing items on my "Get off my back list" (editing photos, compiling video, purchasing gifts, etc.), but I am wasting a lot of time these days checking my email and blog 15 times a day (slight exaggeration, but not much of one). I have stopped checking Facebook the last month or so and will continue to do my best to stay away from there (beyond it consuming my time, it often makes me sad). Hopefully, this will give me some extra time during the day, child-free, to get some things accomplished.

I am off -- My lists are nagging!


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