Summer Holiday 2011

We started off with a couple days at my mom and dad's while Hugh tiled their main bathroom. Calder got all dolled up to head out to the cabin on Tuesday night. I am glad it was Grandma's mascara he found and not mine! Seriously though, he does have some skill. Not only did he not poke himself in the eye hard enough to cause pain, he actually got mascara on a few of the eyelashes on his right eye.
At the start of summer, after much frustration with the coffee pot at the cabin (I couldn't seem to pour that thing without spilling), I purchased a Tim Horton's Coffee Maker to replace the old one. Not only does the Tim Horton's pot not spill, I know how to use it since we have one in our house. If you are looking to replace your old one, I seriously implore to take a look at the Tim Horton's one. It is easy, quick, and when a piece of plastic broke on the one we have at home, they exchanged it without a receipt with no questions asked. *Tim Horton's representative, please email me the money for the advertising. My point is that the coffee maker got quite the work-out our week at the lake. It was divine. 
The first four days were amazingly calm. We spent time canoeing, fishing, and swimming at the main beach. I didn't take many pictures, because I didn't want to take my camera in the canoe and I completely forgot to take it when we went out on the boat. Here are a few other highlights.

The lake was so calm that Calder had lots of time to learn what reflection means. All week he pointed out 2 Jose's or 2 Cleo's on the dock!
I spent my afternoon's at the lake working on math. The curriculum is changing in Saskatchewan which for me means learning and planning. It was gorgeous working at the lake, but I think next year I will send Calder to daycare while Hugh is working in July so I can do my work then. That way, when we take some time together as a family, I won't have to do work! *notice the graphing calculator with school bus yellow case. I purchased it on ebay at the start of summer sitting on the table. I just love it! Yes, I know. Math geek.
Although working on a holiday is not ideal, the lake was quiet and Hugh was great at keeping Calder occupied while I plugged away.
The last morning we woke up to rain. Calder curled up with Hugh on the couch and watched the whole Cars movie. He has never sat that long before. It was nice to have some down time of our own on the lazy, rainy, day.

It was such a relaxing holiday. Hugh and I are hoping we can spend at least a week every summer out there.


  1. Hey!

    That's expensive mascara!

    Aunty Jes (the person who bought the mascara for Grandma)

  2. Those are some AMAZING photos! Wow... gorgeous! That is a very calm lake.. do you mind sharing where you guys go to hide out? Looks beautiful.

    ps.. I love the calculator. Very cute. ;)

  3. Thanks, Dani! It is a regional park south of Tisdale called Kipabiskau.


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