Super Mom

Today is the first day of classes for high school students. I struggled yesterday. I am not supposed to be back at work. I am supposed to be home with my 6 month old. My six month old. . . 

I shed tears a number of times during the day, but powered through. We had things to get ready for our week. Groceries to be bought, meals to be made, laundry to be done. I ran around like crazy until 8 pm and then went for a run. Yesterday, I tried to be super mom.

Every once in a while during my saddest days, I remember that I can honor Tripp by being the best mom I can possibly be. Yesterday was one of those days, but I got lost in my list. I worked in the garden, got lunches ready, cooked soup and stew. Calder and I had a bit of time together in the early afternoon, but it wasn't playtime.  I was too busy being super mom to play.

I had everything under control in the kitchen when it was time for Calder to hit the hay, so I grabbed his hand and began leading him to his room. I wanted a few moments alone with him. Calder didn't want to go to bed, so he hit me. I warned him that if he did it again he would go straight to bed. He looked at me and hit me. I took him to his bed, turned on his nightlight and left the room.

If I had to do Sunday again, I wouldn't make soup, because then there would be time to play in the sandbox after working in the garden, time to wash Calder's hair in the tub, time to read a book at the table while he had his snack. Our night would have probably ended exactly the same, but at least when I reflected at the end of the day, I would have had a few more quality moments with Calder to look back on. Sunday I was reminded that super mom is more than getting as much done as you possibly can.


  1. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of what is truly important in life... and in so many areas of life.

    I hope your "first day" went smoothly!


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