Taking Partying to New Heights

Calder is getting better at understanding time. We often set the timer on the stove when we need to get something done. For example, I will set it for 5 minutes if I need some time to get the kitchen cleaned up after lunch or I will set it for 5 minutes in the middle of cooking supper to have a play break with Calder. We have found that Calder responds better when he hears the buzzer go off. He knows exactly what is going to happen. Now when he wants us to play he will often say, "set timer. 5 minutes!"

He is starting to understand the concept of the past. Although everything that has taken place in the past has happened "yesterday" or "last night." FYI: we went to the lake last night and his birthday was yesterday!
* * *
Last night I laid Calder down for bed just a few minutes after 7:30. At 8:00 I heard a bit of singing coming from his room, but it was quiet after that. All and all a pretty good bedtime for Calder. When Hugh went to tuck him in before we went to sleep at 10:00, I asked Hugh if he had covered Calder up. Usually when Calder does a bit of partying before going to sleep we come in to a mess of covers and limbs hanging out every which way. Apparently, last night Calder partied under the covers, because he was neatly tucked in when Hugh went in. I was surprised, but didn't think anything of it.

At 1:03 am there was crying. LOUD crying. It took me a couple of minutes to realize it wasn't going to stop before I headed into Calder's room. He was sitting on his hands and knees in pee soaked sheets. No - he didn't wet through his diaper. The party last night was kicked up a notch and I guess Calder figured he didn't need any pants, nor did he need his diaper. Oy (as in joy without the j).


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