6 Months

Yesterday, Tripp would have been 6 months. I had some sad moments, but overall it was a pretty average day. Tripp might have been sitting up by himself by now and we probably would have been mashing some banana or avocado up so he could try his first solids. There are a few of my friends on Facebook who have children who were born right around when Tripp was born. Their pictures and comments are reminders of where our life was supposed to be. I have been avoiding Facebook for the most part of 2 months, but have been slowly starting to check out the news feed again. Seeing all the 6 month olds is hard, but not quite as stinging as it was seeing the 4 month olds, two months ago.

I keep re-reading this paragraph and the more I read, the sadder I get, and the harder it is to figure out what else to write.

So, instead of staring at this screen, I am going to spend some time actively engaged with my husband, son, and niece. I wish you a happy weekend with your families.


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