Very Early Goodnight

Wednesday, 6:50 pm

I think I have mentioned that we have cut out Calder's nap. He had just been doing too much partying in his bed at night (sometimes not falling asleep until past 8:30). Calder's regular bedtime is 7:30 pm and for the first 3 weeks of no naps we had pretty smooth sailing. Calder was a bit grumpy in the evening, but Calder likes to get his way, so we couldn't say for sure if it was the tired or just plain old Calder who was freaking out over trivial things.

This past weekend Calder went to bed both Friday and Saturday night at his normal time, but didn't get up in the morning until 8:00 am. It was sweet for Hugh and I to have a sleep in, but it was a wake-up call as well. Calder needs more sleep than the 11.5 hours he is getting on a normal weekday night. In fact, Calder probably needs more than 12.

The last few nights we have put him down at 7 pm and have still had to wake him up at 7 am. You need to know, Calder DOES NOT like to be woken up in the morning. We (but mostly Hugh) have been dealing with a screaming toddler for a full 1/2 an hour in the morning while we get him ready to take to daycare. He screams about getting dressed, having breakfast, brushing his teeth, putting on his coat, and he screams even more when I attempt to help him with any of the above. Calder needs more time in the morning to wake-up and he needs some time to play in the morning as well. 

Calder is in bed right now. We are hoping he wakes up on his own before 7 am. 

Hugh and I are sad we are losing out on the amount of time we get to spend with Calder in the evening, but we are hoping that the early bedtime will allow us some quality time with him in the morning.

Here's hoping.

Here are a few other Calder tidbits, in case you needed a fix:

  • Favorite Snack: Apple slices with dip (peanut butter mixed with a big glob of yogurt)
  • Favorite Activity: Hockey - he is great at taking faceoffs (please take note that if you ever line up against him you might want a helmet and mask)
  • Favorite Toy: Matchbox/Hot Wheels trucks (the white one, red one and black one are his favs)
  • Favorite Book: Anything that has a green cover or is about trucks
  • Favorite Show: Disney's Cars - He doesn't want to watch anything else (except for the occasional America's Funniest Home Videos with Hugh)
  • Favorite Food: Ham with loads of mustard 
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: There's snow - need I say more
  • Favorite Buddy: Dylan (of course) - Calder won't stop talking about wrestling with Dylan the next time he sees him
These days Calder is Mr. Independent. He loves going to the potty, washing his face, getting dressed, etc. all by himself (he isn't that good at any of these things, but he is making swift gains with all of his effort)!

Today is the last day of the work week! Hooray!


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