Lest We Forget

A friend was talking in the staff room yesterday. He said that he was so glad he was able to attend a Remembrance Day service at school. I couldn't agree more.  Our Remembrance Day service is highly organized (there are auditions for singing and speaking roles) and students in attendance show the utmost respect. It really feels like a privilege to be part of it. And truth be told, if I didn't attend the one at my school I am not sure I would make the effort it takes to attend one on Remembrance Day. That sounds awful. But its the truth.

Our Remembrance Day service always brings me to tears. The bravery and devotion to the fight for justice shown by men and woman in service is astounding.

Hugh and I spent last night watching Saving Private Ryan. It is our Remembrance Day tradition to watch a couple of war movies. Sometimes we watch a new release, but usually we lean toward the more "classic" films. We like to be reminded of the sacrifices that have been made so that we can live in the comfort we do. It is important to us.

Hugh and I will have a moment in silence today, lest we forget.


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