Back On The Treadmill

We had PD today that showed a chart of the number of people in the U.S. that are obese (it is over 30%). It is frightening, because Canada isn't much different. In fact we were told that Saskatchewan has the 2nd largest percentage of obese people in Canada.

The speaker asked us two questions that really hit home for me:
  1. Have you met with a financial planner to figure out what your retirement is going to look like (when you plan to retire, what you plan to do in retirement, etc.)?
  2. Have you met with anyone to discuss what your health is going to look like when you retire?
Hugh and I are on top of our finances and we are pretty healthy people, but we have never thought of our health in terms of 10 or 20 years from now. We just think about our health in the now. Right now, we are a healthy weight and we eat fruits and veggies, but one area we can improve on in order to maintain our health through our retirement is getting physical activtive for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. 

You might be thinking, "but Jordan, you are running!" Well. . . ummm. . . actually I haven't been doing well with running. In fact, when school started I almost immediately went down to 2 times a week and the last 3 weeks I have only ran twice. Turns out, I have been sucking at running. I need to get back on the wagon (and I am going to try and guilt Hugh in with me. I know he needs to want to do it himself, but I want him to be with me for a really long time, so I am going to do my best to be his motivation).

We got a chance at the end of the information session to run/walk the track at the Field House. I took advantage and got my first run in this week.

I just found THIS (some Canadian trends on where obesity is headed in our country including how currently 59% of adults are overweight or obese). If you need motivation to get yourself and your kids off the couch, you might find it there. I know the information I heard today was my motivation.


  1. Is Saskatoon improving??? I was under the impression it was the fattest city in Canada. Who was #1?


  2. I think the only place more in Canada more obese than Saskatchewan is Cape Breton! It's depressing how few people actually "want" to be physically active... but it's getting much better.



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