Top Notch Day

Sunday was easily one of my top 5 happiest days of the year. Calder was sick. He had no appetite and a fever all day. In fact he was so sick that he didn't play hockey once all day, nor did he pull out his bucket of cars. Calder was down and out.

How could my son being sick be one of the best days of the year? Easy. Calder cuddled with me almost all day. Calder virtually never wants me for anything (in fact we recently had to implement a "mom takes you to the potty every other time" rule, because Calder doesn't even want me to help him with that).  Sunday was different. He cuddled with me on the couch without needing to be coerced. He hopped up on my lap at the table when Hugh was just two chairs over. He curled up on my lap while we watched Toy Story. Sunday I felt like I was a mother to my sick son. It was amazing.

You may think I am exaggerating how Calder is with me, but I'm not. And its not a phase.  As my sister, Jes, said after Hugh was fake whinning about getting a turn to cuddle with Calder, "Hugh you have had the first 2.5 years. Let Jordan have one day." LOL

Definitely one of the top days of 2011.


  1. You're not alone. I'm always second choice around here. Once, yes once, in 4.5 years he rejected daddy and asked for me. And of course, it was 3am and he was puking. Ah, gotta love 'em. And be thankful for great husbands for these boys to have such an incredible bond with.

  2. Honestly, sometimes it does feel like I'm the only one! I am glad to see it in writing that I'm not! I get that kids can have a preference, but seriously you don't want me to wash your face? or read you a book? or play cars with you?!?!? Oy! I also agree - we do have great husbands and that is definitely something to be thankful for!

  3. It's not to this extent, but my son Will always wants his dad. If he cries, it's for dad, if he wakes, it's for dad. I don't remember the last time he asked for me first! I try to be grateful that he has such a strong role model, but secretly I'm a tiny bit jealous!


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