Mount Martensville

I hate being cold. I hate -32 degrees with a windchill. Somedays, I even hate winter.

But other days there is freshly fallen snow.  Minus ten degrees. A hill.  You CAN'T hate that.

Two Saturdays ago, Hugh, Calder, our niece Maddy, and I spent an afternoon at Mount Martensville. (Technically its the hill in North Hills Park, but that's a seriously lame name. I went sledding at Mount Tisdale, so obviously there can't be a better name for it than Mount Martensville!).

Mr. Independent wanted to go on his own. Surprise. Surprise.

Then Mr. Big Boy didn't want to go on the "baby" sled. Surprise. Surprise.
Then, Mr. Big Boy-Independent was only happy going with me on the "big boy" sled for one run. Surprise. Surprise.
After that Calder threw a fit and Hugh and I thought, "what the hell?" Hugh sat Calder on his bum, locked his heels in the handle of the crazy carpet (new and improved from when I was a kid, I might add) and shoved Calder down the hill. We thought he would just tip over to the side. Nope. He raced down at a lightening pace right to the bottom, smiling ear to ear.

I took 64 pictures of our afternoon at the hill, but somehow I didn't manage to get one of him coming down by himself on the crazy carpet. Surprise. Surprise.

Enjoy the balmy +9 degrees this weekend!


  1. the kids call it mini mountain :)

  2. Hahahahaha! Good to know! I have some work cut out for me if I want to get Mount Martensville to stick!


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