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On Wednesday I start my weekly treatments. It has played out great for me at work as they have hired the same person to cover all of my treatments. It is fantastic for the kids to have consistancy and for me to be able to connect with the same person every week.

I really want my students to buy into having a Wednesday teacher. Students don't always work the same, or behave the same when there is a substitute teacher in and I don't want their work to suffer because I have to be gone once a week. Because of this, I made the decision to tell them I would be gone every Wednesday for the rest of the semester, which for them will mean they have a  "Wednesday" teacher - Not a "Wednesday" sub.

Since my treatment timeline had been nailed down at the end of August, I had planned on telling my students the Reader's Digest version of what is going on. I had a son, Tripp, who passed away. He died of Neonatal Hemochomotosis (followed by a brief biology lesson on what it is). I was then going to explain my treatment so students would understand the reason and the importance of why I would be missing school. I have already heard rumblings from teachers about students gossiping, "Is Mrs. Hamilton pregnant." I wanted to give them the details to take away all the unnecessary speculation.

Driving to work on Monday, I choked up just thinking about saying, "my son died."  So I decided 5 minutes to the start of period 1 that I wasn't going to give them the details. I didn't feel like crying in front of them at that moment. So instead of the condensed version, I told them I was pregnant and that I had to go to the hospital every Wednesday for a treatment.

I felt good about my explanation on Monday, but if the time arrises in the next 4 months I am going to give my students more details - not because they need to know - but because at some point in their lives one of my students might lose a baby, or maybe someone close to them will. I want to share some of my experiences with them so that maybe they might learn just a bit - even if its only that Mrs. Hamilton survived and she was brave enough to try again.


  1. <3 Your strength amazes me. You are incredibly brave. And I'm so grateful to you for sharing your story, your journey and your courage. <3

  2. Just a thought Jordan ... You have a great life lesson and very unique perspective you want to share with your students! If one of those students had something similar they wanted to share with you but wasn't comfortable speaking outright about it, what would you suggest they do? I'm soo not the teacher type but a lot of my most successful patient encounters have been when I'm willing to show I too am human and know what it feels like to struggle in life and I hope you know you're more than allowed to do the same. Your students are soon to be adults and like you said, might face something similar. You'd be setting the example that you don't have to have super strength, all the time.

    Just some thoughts. Still love your blog and so thrilled to hear you are expecting again. Take care,

    Amber Hudec

  3. Amber,

    You couldn't be more right. There is nothing wrong with showing my emotions and sharing my struggles. We all struggle. I needed to hear that. Thank-you so much for the message.


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