Good Samaritan

This weekend we bought some new sweats for Calder. He is in need now that the days are cool and pants are required EVERY day.

Monday morning we couldn't find them. Hugh was adamant he had seen them in house. I asked him, "Are you sure?" 3 or 4 times having not seen the Children's Place bag all weekend. The more I asked, the more sternly he replied, "Yes, I'm sure."

As I retraced the bags steps, I realized the last time I had seen the bag was at the mall. When I relayed this to Hugh, he wavered on his stance.

Sure enough, Hugh called Sport Chek - the last place we remember having the bag - and it was there!

Even before we knew the bag was there I was hopeful. I reasoned that there were lots of people out there like me. People who would turn the bag in rather than leave the store with it. In fact, I figured there were significantly more people out there who would turn it in that would leave the store with.

It would be hard to collect data on that kind of thing, but I sure am thankful that the person who found our bag was someone like me!

To be clear, the bag Hugh was adamant he had seen turned out to be one from Winners. I had put the pants from that bag away on Saturday. No wonder he couldn't find it :-)

I would love to hear if you've every gotten the chance to be a good samaritan. I can think of a number of times I have been on the receiving end, but if I have had the chance to be the good samaritan, my mind is blanking!


  1. The only one that is coming to mind is one time my sister found a Lawson Heights Mall gift card on the floor in the mall. She decided to turn it in, and a few months later they called her and said no one had claimed it, so she could have it. Sometimes it pays to be honest :)

  2. Any time I see someone drop something important on the ground, I pick it up for them and chase them down to give it back. I have found numerous wallets over the years, and I always turn them in, everything intact. I also make sure to tell my friends and family if their fly is undone, they have a booger hanging out of their nose, or something in their teeth; and I want them to do the same for me, no matter how embarrassing it may be!

    I always appreciate it when people do the same for me; I, too believe in the positivity of people and that for the most part, individuals will do the right thing.

  3. On our flight from Regina to Minneapolis (en route to Orlando), our stewardess (who resides in Orlando) said she found her son's passport in her suitcase. He was home in orlando and had to catch a flight the next day to Japan to meet his future in-laws. She trusted us to take his passport to him. We exchanged cell numbers and he came to our hotel in Orlando when we got there. The look of relief and gratitude on the young man's face was something I'll never forget!! It was a great start to our trip!

    Leanne Curtin

  4. Thanks for sharing, ladies! Very cool stories!


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