Our Pukesgiving Long Weekend

On Saturday morning I texted both sides of the family and let them know we wouldn't be making it to either of their meals (one was on Saturday and the other was on Sunday). Calder had puked all night and was still puking that morning.

My sister Jessica's response, "Well, it's a holiday, so obviously Calder is sick." It's true. There have been multiple years of Calder being ill at holiday time. None more infamous than his very first Christmas.

On Saturday, Calder puke until 10 am. At 10:15 he announced to Hugh that he was done puking. I was obviously skeptical. He had puked hourly for the past 8 hours. But sure enough, our boy was cured! He never puked again. Calder laid around the rest of the day and by supper time was ready to eat.

Hugh and I, feeling a tad bit sorry for ourselves missing out on Thanksgiving, bought a rotisserie chicken, whipped up some stove top stuffing, and had ourselves our own little Thanksgiving on Saturday night. We capped it off with my birthday cupcakes!

In hindsight, we are so glad we did that, because by Sunday night I was puking. I puked all night. At one point, having puked 4 times in 2 hours I begged Hugh to get up and google some sort of miracle cure for the flu. Apparently, he found some "hokey" (his words :-) home remedy that was a combination of peppermint tea and line juice. I was too lazy to get up and make it. Instead, I figured I would try Calder's miracle cure and announced to Hugh I was done puking. Hugh's response, "I think that only works when you KNOW you are done puking." Sigh. In my mind, I was doomed. Luckily, my body had other plans. It listened and I didn't puke again. (Now I am wondering why I didn't announce that after I puked the first time - why wait until I hit #9!)

I got up the next morning to find Hugh under 8 blankets on the couch. He couldn't get warm. This was not looking good. From 8 am until 6 pm, Hugh and I alternately moved from the couch to the bed. It was horrid. And poor Calder. At one point he said to Hugh, "I'm tired of playing by myself." Hugh and I were feeling so miserable that we couldn't even muster up the energy to push a car around on the floor! Calder was amazing and we promised to make up for our lack of playing tenfold this week!

Thanks to our wonderful families we still got to reap the rewards of Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law sent over all the bones from their turkey so I could make soup out of the broth, and my sister sent over leftovers!


  1. Ugh, I hope you were able to completely get rid of that bug from your house! What a long "Long Weekend" for you all! :(


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