We had our "big" 20 week ultrasound yesterday (at 21 weeks). I call it "big" because this is the ultrasound that checks growth, the heart, the kidneys, etc. and for many women it is the only ultrasound they get. Since I have already had 2 ultrasounds and will now be having one every 4 weeks (at the very least), getting an ultrasound has become part of the routine of this pregnancy.

At first I was worried about the number of ultrasounds this pregnancy was requiring, but I spoke to a friend who has done a lot of reading on the issue and she assured me that there was nothing to worry about and after my 20 week ultrasound, I couldn't agree more. Both of my 20 week ultrasounds with Calder and Tripp lasted at least 1/2 hour with the technician. My 20 week with this baby was done by my obstetrician and took approximately 5 minutes. My doctor repeated at least 3 times, "this baby couldn't cooperate any more!" I am looking to have at least 4 more ultrasounds with this pregnancy. Ultrasounds #1 and #2 took less than a minute each and with this one coming in at 5 minutes, this baby is pegged to have less screen time than either Calder or Tripp. This makes me happy.

As for the results of the ultrasound - everything looked good. Everything also looked good at Tripp's 20 week ultrasound (in fact, the tech asked me if I was feeding Tripp cream :-), so I wasn't overly concerned about this ultrasound. My worry will be saved for later. Tripp stopped growing at the rate he should and my amniotic fluid disappeared, so I will be more worried when I get to week 30 and beyond. According to the research, there has never been a case where a woman getting treated for a previous child with Neonatal Hemochromatosis has had a baby show signs of restricted growth in utero. So, really there is basically a zero percent chance of noticing something related to NH on my ultrasounds, but I will still worry :-)

We got a couple of cute shots of our baby. In one they are waving and the other they are trying to stick their thumb in their mouth. I would scan them, but I am still computer-less!

Our doctor said our baby looks happy and for right now there is nothing more we can ask for.


  1. Thinking of you guys regularly and praying for you. As for ultrasounds - I too had extra with Chase and often wondered about the safety, then I talked to my cousin who was pregnant while teaching in Korea and monthly ultrasounds were the norm and then my sister in law in the States also had monthly ultrasounds, so I felt a lot better. Not sure why such a difference in philosophy - does free health care have anything to do with it? Anyways, it will all be good. Glad to hear it went well.

  2. Wahoo!! :) So good to hear :)

  3. Fantastic!!! Glad that Baby H is growing normally; I have one more ultrasound to get through at 36 weeks (next week - eek!) to make sure that I am still viable for a VBAC...here's hoping!

  4. Thanks girls!

    Rebecca, I hope you hear the news you are looking for and you get your VBAC!


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