Hard Water?

This glass is clean. Believe it or not - just please don't judge! This is how all of our dishes looked on Monday. The glasses looked the worst but the plates and pots looked terrible too!

After a good soak in some vinegar water, a quick wipe, and a run through the dishwasher . . . 


I am really wondering how I went this long without goggling, "Hard Water on Glasses." I can't stop opening my cupboard and staring at my "new" dishes!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Dani's :) We have the same problem and found that the Finish Powerball tabs along with the rinse agent hanging in the dishwasher rather than in the normal jet dry place fixed things for us! No more crusty glasses.

    (this is the hanger thing http://www.walmart.com/ip/Finish-Jet-Dry-Finish-Jet-Dry-Lemon-Scent-Rinse-Agent-2.68-oz/11027664)


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