Fall Weekends

This weekend was great. We accomplished things: yard work, organization, cleaning, and cooking. We visited with friends and family. We played in the yard, in the park, and on the street. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of our events.

So, since I haven't posted photos in a while, I thought I might take a quick trip back to last weekend at the Rosthern's Youth Farm Corn Maze.

 Calder is growing up so fast. I couldn't believe when he picked up this creature (is it a Guinea pig?) and plopped it down on his lap. He was so gentle with it.

 It doesn't seem that long ago that Calder would step into a bouncy castle and be completely out of control. He still is completely out of control - the difference is he now purposefully crashes to his bum and slams into walls.
 This is Calder's first attempt at photography. I can't even remember what I was squatting beside. A lama maybe?

 Just a small little preview of October 31. Calder is VERY scary.

We made it safely out. Didn't even have to take an emergency exit! I honestly don't know how we would have done it without the clues, though!

 Not our best shot, but I could care less. Calder wanted to go on the "train" ride (the engine is a Gator). And he immediately said, "I want mom to go with me." I almost fell over. Hugh was pretty pumped too. He loves it when Calder picks me first as it happens so rarely. Hugh was even a bit extra pumped because those tiny cars might have left him permanently crippled! It was a tight squeeze.
Enjoy what's left of the warmth and sunshine! Happy Monday.


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