We got to work on Sunday after supper and carved our pumpkins! (We also made some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds that we are still picking away at!)

 Calder was really fascinated with the guts of the pumpkin, but had no desire to touch them. This was not a surprise to Hugh and I. Calder eats every meal with a damp cloth by his side so he can wipe his hands and face between every bite! Our boy doesn't like to get his hands dirty (unless, of course, he is in the sandbox!).

Notice the marks on the pumpkin in the first picture? It's hail damage on a pumpkin I grew in our back alley! I am pretty proud of those two little pumpkins on the right! Next year I will be filling the entire space along the outside of our fence with pumpkins and squash.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That's so funny, Koen won't get his hands dirty either and eats with a damp cloth beside him at every meal as well! lol!!
    Great post! Super impressed that you grew your own pumpkin!!

  2. So cool! What a genius idea... why haven't I thought of that! Everyone around here has potatoes... but pumpkin vines would be so much more fun!! :)


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