On The Go

Three things we have on the go:

  1. My computer is FINALLY getting a new hard drive. It has been a lemon for over a year. I have spent close to 25 hours on the phone with Apple. It is TIME. I backed it up in two different places before we took it in to be serviced. Just in case, we thought it would be a good idea for the service provider to back it up as well. They told us the price tonight. $40/ half hour!!! If you have ever backed up your computer, you will know that backing up from scratch can take hours. I would guess that because of all our HD video it could take up to 6 hours. Again, if you have ever backed up your computer, you will know you click a button and walk away. The computer does all the work. I told the retailer this price was outrageous. She got bitchy and I told her as politely as I could muster that we would NOT be paying for a back-up.
  2. We are getting a gas fireplace in our basement! It should be installed and kicking out heat by the end of November. In fact, if everything goes as planned and I get some serious shopping done, Hugh will have also laid the stonework around fireplace and the carpet will be replaced by the beginning of December. I am so excited - you don't even know! We don't use that space much, but the warmth of the fire is going to be calling my name ALL winter.
  3. Hugh's hockey season is well on its way. This year he decided that along with playing senior hockey with the Shellbrook Elks, he was also going to join a rec team. He just couldn't get enough! Although he tells me he is getting old and in order to be in good shape and play well, he needs to be on the ice more! Sounds legit :-) The Elks have decided to go AAA provincials. If you are part of the hockey world, you know this is a big deal for senior hockey players. For those of you who don't spend all winter at the rink watching senior hockey, going AAA means the opportunity to play for the Allen Cup which is awarded to the best senior hockey team in Canada. Hugh has been on the phone for the last few weeks recruiting players to make their run. Almost every day he has some piece of gossip news to tell me about hockey. Hugh is SO excited. It's awesome. I am also pretty pumped that my brother, Luke, is joining the Elks. You might remember last spring when they played together for the first time. I seriously almost fell over I was so giddy. The Elks are even getting a bit of press. Check out THIS article. My two favorite players are mentioned!


  1. That is super exciting! What a great hockey season- who needs the NHL?? ;)

    And nice work on the fireplace- that's so so so awesome. I bet you will use that space so much more now, because it will be so cozy and inviting!


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