The Younger Brother

My friend Kerri and her son's Dylan and Drew had a playdate with Calder Wednesday morning. Calder had so much fun, that he asked if Dylan could come to the park with us after supper that night.

We biked to the park with the boys in the trailer. Calder and Dylan giggled about being all snuggled in together. By the time we reached the 2nd block they were purposefully cracking their helmets together and laughing. Typical boys. When we hit the 3rd block I felt sad. Not for me, not for Tripp, but for Drew. Calder and Dylan are such good friends. I hope that Drew feels included with the older boys. I know Kerri, her husband Chris, Hugh and I will do everything in our power to make sure he is included, but no matter what we do there may be times when he is still the younger brother. If Tripp were here, none of that would change. Drew would still be the younger brother. He just wouldn't be alone. I thought about this for about as long as it took you to read this paragraph. It is out of my control and Wednesday I had the will-power to focus on something else - the two giggling friends in the bike trailer.

Calder and Dylan played so well at the park. They torn the place up! On the way home there was a bit of grunting going on in the back of the bike trailer. I looked back to see Calder and Dylan with death grips on the same car. I asked Hugh to stop and by the time he put on the breaks they were wrestling (as best they could buckled up) and hollering over the car. Hugh tried to negotiate the car with them, but in the end nothing was decided so the tanker had to go into time-out.

We dropped Dylan off and had some laughs with Kerri and Chris about our boys' days.

It felt like old times.

Great Night.


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