Calder 2.5

Calder uses the words both (can I bring both cars?), or (the green one or the red one), and match (this truck match Daddy's shirt).

Calder talks in sentences. Sometimes 7 or more words long.

He uses phrases like, "No dice" and "No way Jose"

Calder loves to eat cucumbers, strawberries, pancakes, sausages and toast with peanut butter and honey.

Calder has started giving the best hugs. He runs over to you, almost knocking you over, and grabs on as tight as he can.

Calder loves cars. Hot Wheels. Matchbox. Hugh's old ones. It doesn't matter. Tow trucks and trailers are his favorites.
• • •
Hugh, Calder and I were walking to the park earlier this week and Calder began running away. Both Hugh and I shouted for him to stop. It took us 4 or 5 good shouts to get him put on the breaks. Calder immediately turned around and sternly yelled, "I NOT DOING ANY-THING WRONG!" He then took a few more steps away from us. Hugh asked him to stop and Calder turned around and once again yelled, "I NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!" If I wasn't his parent, I might have fallen to the ground laughing (Hugh actually started to double over until I elbowed him in the ribs). Calder's voice was monotone, breaking between syllables and as loud as he could make it. It was so flipping funny. Our 2.5 year-old trying to be authoritative. But, even though it looks and sounds hilarious, it is obviously not behaviour we want to encourage, so we have been stifling our laughs and having "chats" with him every time he does it.

Other things he has shouted:

"IT NOT DANGEROUS" After I tried to explain the implications of putting rocks in his mouth.

"I ALL DONE" This is usually said at the supper table as he slides his plate away (halfway across the table I might add).

"I DO IT" While brushing his teeth, putting on his shoes, putting away his toys, etc.

"MOMMY NO COME IN HERE" When I ask him if I can come into his room and play cars.

Basically, if you name it, he has yelled it in the last couple weeks.

I was in need of a Calder fix. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Puts a smile on my face must be hard not to laugh.... he is so cute!
    Love Auntie Pat


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