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I am debating hiring someone to clean our house. I have talked to a couple of people and received mixed reviews, but I might give it a try. I feel like my evenings are too busy and too tiring to get anything done. Once the weekend rolls around there are too many other things to do. . . groceries, laundry, social obligations, and bigger projects like yard work and organizing the office. I keep thinking that if someone dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned my bathrooms every couple of weeks, it might take some of the stress out of my life. As often as I tell myself that it doesn't matter if I have a messy/dirty house, it stresses me out to see dust balls under the bar stools or toothpaste spray on the mirror. The main thing that will prevent me from hiring someone is simply finding the time and making it a priority to locate a person to do it.
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I meet with our counsellor Brad today. I had wanted to make reaching out my goal for the last week and a half. I have tried twice to reach out and failed (no answer when I called). Nobody's fault. Just a timing issue. But even though I have made a minimal effort to reach out, it doesn't feel good enough. I had plans to shoot off a couple of emails along with the few phone calls and I didn't do it. I hate to use the "too busy" excuse, but I am really busy at work. Today I didn't even make it down to the staff room to heat up my lunch. Evenings aren't a good time. Tired and stretching myself outside my comfort zone don't mix. I am going to make it this weeks goal to continue with reaching out. I have been in a much better place since my last counseling session, which feels really good. I want to keep moving in this direction.
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Our garden has some highs and lows this year. The few potatoes that came up were good and my sunflowers and tomatoes are looking amazing. Next year, I need to do some reading about carrots. They all looked like THIS. The blog that the picture came from has a few explanations, but I am not convinced that they were problems in my garden. As well, all my squash, zucchini, and pumpkins leaves turned white and they died (this is my first attempt at growing them). A few produced small fruit, but mostly, they flowered, fruit started growing, and they they turned white and dried up. Any ideas? I would love to hear them. Regardless, I am going to call Grandma Fritshaw and pick her brain!


  1. Hire someone to clean!!! I have had someone coming in for 5 years! Once you have a little one and a full time job trying to squeeze in cleaning is not easy. You usually end up losing time for yourself! It is so worth the money! Good luck with finding someone! I hope you can as I'm sure you'll love it!

  2. Hire someone Jordan! You already have a full time job, so what makes you even think you should have to handle all the domestic duties on top of that! You will feel so much mroe relaxed if you take the maid hat off and make some more time for other more important things. I have a name for you: my Dad's cleaning lady is the NICEST lady in the world and does a fantastic job (I can not even explain how amazing she was to all of us when my mom passed). Message me if you want her number.

  3. I agree. Hire someone. It makes such a difference!!!! My husband and I (both teachers with one son) hired someone to come and clean for us every Friday. It was so wonderful to come home after school each Friday around 5 PM to a clean house! It was a great feeling to know we didn't have to spend Saturday cleaning....we could just enjoy doing some yard work together/going shopping/entertaining etc. Before we hired someone, one day of the weekend was spent cleaning, and one day was spent grocery shopping and doing school work. THERE WAS NO 'DOWN' or free/relax time. I made up a checklist for each room in my house and simply checked off what I wanted done each time my house keeper came in. We also set a 3 hour cleaning limit...as that's what our budget at the time allowed us. So....Go for it! It truly makes a difference and you won't need to do it forever. (NOw that our son in in university...it's amazing how clean our home stays! LOL!
    Shelley F.

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  5. I was told that carrots look like spiders if you plant them as seedlings rather than sow them into the soil.

    In addition, your squash etc had powery mildew on it. They are prone to it. Many times the flowers of the squash do not result in "fruit" since the female squash bloosom needs to be fertilized. Short of hand fertilizing (ie taking the pollen from the male blossom to the female blossom) you have to let mother nature take her course


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