Weekend Away

Hugh and I travelled with my brother, Luke, sister, Jes, and both their significant others to Edmonton for the weekend. (Calder had a getaway at Grandma Fritshaw's)  I had lots of laughs, did a ton of shopping and was surrounded by fantastic company. I should be posting this fabulous blog filled with funny stories from our adventure, but I am tired and the few sad moments from the weekend are catching up with me. I am not sure how blogging at night is going to work for me now that I am back to school. I am always tired in the evening and even the best days don't seem that bright when I am exhausted.

For a couple days I might try to take 15 minutes during my lunch hour to do some writing. I am in a much better place in the middle of the day than I am at the end. I want to write, but I don't always want to be in a sad place when I do. For the record, I had a really nice weekend away.
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  1. Glad you had a good weekend away. What are you taking in school? We are so glad you're continuing on with your blog. My husband and I find you to be such an inspiration to us.

  2. I think Calder spent the weekend with grampa

  3. Erin, I teach high school math. Back to school should be stated more appropriately, back to work!

    And yes, I should have more accurately put Grandma and Grandpa Fritshaw's. Although I think you would have preferred me to put just Grandpa Fritshaw's, Dad! Calder was talking about shirtless hotdogs at supper tonight.


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