The Olive Tree

In August we had our niece, Maddy, over for a fun-filled sleep over. Calder's Aunt Abbey and Uncle Billy wanted to have a similar adventure with Calder and this past Friday was the night. Calder had a wonderful time. In fact, he didn't want to leave when we went to pick him up on Saturday morning.

This meant that Hugh and I had Friday night to ourselves. It was a treat. We had our 5 year anniversary a month ago and Hugh had plans to take me to the 50's inspired diner The Olive Tree (5 year traditional anniversary gift is wood). Friday was our night. We ate slowly and talked lots. It was wonderful.

I recommend that if you have the extra time, you should hop in your car and leave the city. It is about 25 minutes north of Martensville. Hugh and I enjoyed it so much that we will be making it our #1 stop over places in the city like The Keg, Earls, and Red Lobster and on a Friday night, at 6 pm, there wasn't a wait for a table. (If you know you are going in advance, they will take reservations.) Click on the link to see the details.

The Olive Tree has a laid back atmosphere and fantastic food. Make sure you have the time when you go. The pace is slow - which we think is one of the best parts of the experience.

Our food was excellent. We left stuffed and each had a container of leftovers to go. It has a Greek menu - plenty of steak, pasta, and seafood - and prices are comparable to The Keg or Red Lobster.
If you ever want to go, let Hugh and I know. We would love to join you.


  1. My Dad recommended this to us when we were in Saskatoon, but we never made it out. I LOVE authentic Greek food, and my Dad says this place is awesome! Next time we are in Saskatoon, Kevin and I would love to join Hugh and yourself for dinner!

  2. Sounds like a neat place. Have you ever eaten at Hole in the Wall out of Saskatoon by Black Strap? That place is a great place to eat to! But you also need about 2-3 hours for supper since you have about 6 different plates! Strongly Recommend it though! :)

  3. YUMM!!! Greek= my favourite!! Thanks for this recommendation: will definitely have to try it out. Looks fabulous and fun!

  4. So glad you're trying more locally owned restaurants over chains...welcome to the real world of food!


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