8:55 pm

I am able to say that I had a better day.

That being said, I am still at school working.

I hate feeling too busy to do my best at things - and it doesn't matter which hat I wear. I like to do my best. Today I did a lot of stuff, but lack of time prevented me from doing my best at some of it.

I am heading home. Hugh is going to rub my feet (he never says no, as long as I rub his in return!). Hopefully he is not too tired and we can watch an episode from season one of Modern Family. It is a funny, feel-good show. Our counselor recommended it and Hugh and I are thoroughly enjoying it.

I can't wait for this weekend to be over. I hate that I am wishing for time to rush by. I like living my life, not rushing through it.  I just keep thinking that when this weekend ends I will feel more like doing the things I love and that I will have a bit more time to do them.

UPDATE: 9:29 pm - Hugh is already asleep. I guess I will have to rub my own feet!


  1. Sorry you missed out on your feet getting rubbed. Tell Hugh he has to rub them twice as long next time....

  2. I cannot believe you were still at work that late at night!!! You need to ease up on your expectations of yourself and realize that some hats don't have to be put on perfectly to look good. Some hats look good when there is a bit of wear or a tilt in the brim. The most important thing is that the person wearing the hat is also wearing a smile:)

    You should go for some reflexology on your feet. My Mom used to give amazing treatments that could release some amazing tension and emotion from all over the body.


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