How to Start a Fire

The other morning I went in to pick Calder up out of his crib (Yes. He is 2.5 and still sleeps in his crib. In all honesty, he likes it. And I like it. We aren't changing it.). The first thing Calder said was, "I go to school today."

Calder is obsessed with going to school. Hugh and I go to school every day and a couple of the "big boys" that Calder adores at daycare got to school. Some pretty important people in his world head there EVERYDAY, so why wouldn't he want to go?

He brings up school ALL THE TIME. We have started to tell him that once he knows his letters, we will consider it. This prompted Calder to tell us he knew all his letters. He knows 2. He used to know almost 10, but we haven't been working on them lately. Oops. So far he knows "C" stands for Calder and "D" stands for Dylan and Daddy. He knows 2 letters. He has 24 to go. Maybe he will pick up some math along the way. No. He WILL pick up some math;-)

While I wash his hands after supper, "When I go to school I need a back pack. A BIG back pack."

When I pick him up from daycare, "I not go home. I go to school."

When asked if he likes daycare. "I like going to school better."

While arguing with me, "I GO TO SCHOOL WITH MADDY." Maddy is his cousin and yes, it was spoken in his syllabol emphasizing yell.

I can only hope at least a fraction of this enthusism remains when he heads to kindergarten in the fall of 2014!
* * *
Last night we were in the backyard after supper. Hugh and I got busy talking about how we were going to spend our weekend at home and I glanced over to see Calder mumbling something about starting a fire. He was bent over our firepit with a blow torch. A BLOW TORCH. I shot Hugh a glare that could have seriously wounded him had he not been wearing sunglasses. Hugh grabbed the torch and began to tell Calder that he wasn't allowed to use the blow torch to start fires. Hugh then looked at me and smiled, "Grandpa Fritshaw would be proud". . . Just then Calder picked up a can of gas and said, "I use this to start fire."



  1. I had to laugh out loud at this little fire incident...little boys wanting to play with the big boys toys!!

  2. ba ha ha he is such a boy!!!

  3. This fire story has made my week!! :)

  4. Hehehe, this is much too familiar! this weekend while camping with my sister and brother-in-law, Ethan exclaims..."Uncle Brendon, this fire SUCKS!!! Where's the gas!?!




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