What we had for supper last night!

I made a Shepard's Pie last night for supper. It was quick and easy -  mostly because all the ingredients were pre-made!

  1. Ground beef (I used the vegetarian substitute this time to make-up for "a little less meat" Monday, but I brown my ground beef before I throw it in the freezer, so this is prep-free for me)
  2. 1 pkg gravy
  3. Vegetables (frozen, canned, or leftover)
  4. Mashed potatoes (leftover or instant)
  5. Cheese

Put as much meat (or fake meat:-) at the bottom of your casserole dish. Make the gravy as per package directions. I like my gravy a bit thicker, so I added a bit of flour (mixed in water) once it got boiling in the microwave. Pour the gravy over the meat and mix. Layer vegetables on top. I partially cooked my frozen veggies to cut down on cooking time. Mix shredded cheese with potatoes (as much or as little as you like). Spread on top.

I cooked this for 1/2 hour at 350 degrees with the lid on.

I find that I have very little time from when I get home, until when we sit down to eat. Because Calder's bedtime is 7 pm we MUST be eating by shortly after 5 pm. In fact Calder has been taking so long to eat, bath and get ready for bed the last couple of weeks that Hugh and I decided last night to add an extra 15 minutes to his bedtime routine. This means we start the tub at 5:45!!!  I get home from work by about 4:40, so this doesn't leave me a lot of time to cook (especially when Calder takes at least 1/2 hour to eat). I will definitely make this meal again.

We ate our Shepard's Pie with some leftover asparagus, beans and cooked carrots. There wasn't an spoonful left over!

If you want to check out a great food blog, you should check out my friend, Kyla's called Simply Foodtastic.

By the way, I used instant mashed potatoes. Hugh and I quite like them. We get them at Costco. Nothing beats the real deal, but cleaning, boiling, and mashing takes a tremendous amount of time and work I don't have on a weeknight!


  1. I am going to try Shepherd's Pie with gravy - I make mine with a can of cream of mushroom soup mixed into the meat. I also top mine with cheese. :) It adds a nice flavour if you can handle the extra calories!

  2. I like the mushroom soup idea - I have to put that one in the vault, because I don't always have those gravy packets on hand and mushroom soup is almost always in our pantry. Cheese on top is a splendid idea!


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