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My friend, Deena, and I spent 3 days in Toronto this week. We had grand plans of doing some touristy stuff before the Blue Jay's games on Monday and Tuesday night - until we arrived in TO. It turns out shop-till-you-drop followed by America's favorite pastime was just what the doctor order to rejuvenate these two moms. 

Shopping is something I don't do very often. Hugh and I usually do one large shopping trip in the fall to gather all the missing links to our wardrobe (Hugh is actually so set on shopping once a year that one summer he was down to 4 pairs of socks, but refused to purchase new ones because it wasn't "back-to-school shopping" time. He blamed his situation on Santa. Apparently, during his fall shopping the previous year he banked on getting a package of socks in his stocking and it didn't happen. Believe me, Santa got the message loud and clear. No one needs to see Hugh wearing the same yellow/brown hole-ridden socks day after day). 

This year, I have purchased clothes for myself once since the fall (and in fact it was 2 weeks ago when I was having a meltdown because I had social events to attend and "nothing to wear"!).  

Before Deena and I left, I took a quick inventory on what I have to wear for the next 3 months of work. Because my classroom has a wall of windows facing the south and the A/C only manages to keep my room a degree or two cooler than it is outside, workwear quickly turned into a priority. There have actually been days in the May and June where I have seriously had to consider what the minimum amount of clothing is that I can wear to function and still be professional. Turns out it is walking shorts, a wide strapped tank-top, and flip-flops. . .  but I have actually dreamt of wearing my bathing suit with a cover-up! The temperature is THAT hot! Turns out I have four spring work items in my closet. The two pairs of black dress capris I got the summer before Hugh and I got married (2005), the a-line black skirt was purchased the year after we got married (2007) and the black pencil skirt was purchased last year at the end of Tripp's maternity leave (2011). I love these items and will continue to wear them, but I really felt our fall shopping routine has taken a toll on my summer workwear. 

I can now tell you that spring shopping is AWESOME! And by awesome I mean there are some seriously beautiful dresses and skirts out there and they are now hanging in my closet. Well actually they are still in my suitcase, but the will eventually be in my closet!

I would love to show you a few of the outfits, BUT I am having technically difficulties with photos on my blog!

Some highlights:
  1. Having Deena, "professional personal shopper", by my side while I purchased a few items that are not black, grey or a combination of the two (can you picture some hot red pumps?)
  2. Discussing parenting, marriage, teaching, and everything else that falls in the "life" category uninterrupted without a screaming child in the background.
  3. Singing "Call me Maybe" EVERYWHERE.
  4. Wearing matching shirts to the Blue Jay's home opener - I forgot to take the tags off mine. They were probably hanging out the whole game.
  5. Accidently going in the same slot as Deena as we passed through a revolving door. I had to do a little bit of fancy shimmying to get of that jam. When we left I tried to take my suitcase with me through the revolving door. Do NOT try to do that. You can get stuck.
  6. Drinking beer and eating hotdogs, pizza, and popcorn at the ball game.
  7. Being part of the "stunt" at the Jays home opener. Look for Deena and I in the third row from the field around first base. We are wearing hot pink. If you find us let me know. You are amazing.
  8. Reading on the plane.
  9. The awesome front-row seats in game 2. Unfortunately, we didn't get a lot of cooperation from the Red Sox players. We were hoping for Jose Bautista to have to chase down a fly ball and land on our laps.
  10. Our Top-Model fashion show. I may revisit that later. It's on video.
Great trip with a great friend.


  1. RED PUMPS!! I can't wait to see the pictures! I'll post some of my haul this past weekend in Edmonton, if you post a few of your favourite finds! :)

    Where did you stay in TO?
    What were you reading?
    Video?!!!??! :) :)

    ps... Love the Hugh sock story. I little laughed out loud at the "Santa heard him loud and clear" line. :) You're awesome.


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